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First thing’s first, who wants a coffee?

As you may have guessed, we’re quite a caffeine obsessed bunch. But it’s more than that. We know coffee, like really know it. And we have one man to thank for that - our founder, Jeffrey. He’s known for his deep knowledge of the cutting-edge trends in specialty coffee, and that is how it all began.

But that’s not all we do. Our passion for discovery grew to include health & wellness, and inspiring gifts. The newest addition to our collection, The London Wellness Guide, is a perfect example. It features the very best spots around the capital to enjoy a healthy brunch, mindful yoga session, or get hot and sweaty while hanging upside down.
The Allegra Group

The Allegra Group

Meet our family, the rest of the Allegra Group. As with most families, we started out small, with just a single team, Allegra Strategies. They are the brains behind the research, the ones to ask about market trends and what’s new in coffee and lifestyle. Then came Allegra Events, the engine behind our super cool, experiential events. After that Allegra Publishing was born, shortly followed by the Allegra Foundation.


The Shop at our Festivals

Come and find us in The Shop at our upcoming festivals where we will be showcasing our range of books and gifts. Treat yourself to a VIP ticket for The New York Coffee Festival, or the Balance Festival, and you might find one of our inspiring guide books in your VIP goodie bag.
Paris Café Festival